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"Komy Safety" Industrial Safety Products & Abrasives

KOMY SAFETY ® Industrial Safety Products & Abrasives In 2010, we began with a vision to provide standard safety products at a reasonable cost to the industrial sector involved in developments of basic and advanced infrastructure in Saudi Arabia. Being part of the industry which is having dynamic growth potential we try to prove that our safety products not only gives protection to human lives during hazardous job conditions but also increase productivity of each worker through comforts and confidence by keeping quality, fitness and safety standards at high level. Our product categories are safety shoes, safety vests, safety helmets, safety glasses, protection masks, Workmen coverall, workmen pant & shirt, abrasives and many more. Our products are produced in various manufacturing units in China, Korea, Taiwan, India and Saudi Arabia.

Safety is a very important word in this dynamic industrial world. The demands, necessity and quality concerns make every company look into this topic with detail study. There comes the need of Komy safety products. Our story started with a powerful vision to provide quality-oriented safety products at standard pricing to the industrial arena for the development of infrastructure in Saudi Arabia in 2010. Ten years apart, Komy gained much popularity in the market. We have Safety shoes, Safety Vests, Safety Helmets, Safety Glasses, Protection Masks, Workmen Coverall, Workmen Pant & Shirt, Abrasives etc. Our value-oriented products are produced in different locations of the world as in China, Korea, Taiwan, India and Saudi Arabia. We have our own safety product brands. Along with that we do the distribution of Honeywell Safety products, Steelpro safety, Proban, Anibal, Benzor and Marca.