Fire accidents are unpredictable and may cause severe effects. KOMY Fr carries the best fire-resistant clothing available for your protection. Every day around the world, in labs, on battlefields, in burning buildings and countless other hot spots, Komy’s advanced fire-resistant clothing helps keep millions of workers safe from extreme danger.

Komy Safety


We understand the need for safety and offer you a wide range of top-quality safety products at affordable prices. we have launched a bulk of different products under Industrial Safety Solutions and Abrasives. Our most long-running and economic models in Safety Products

We have you covered from head to toe with all the safety supplies that you might need for your workplace. Wide range of quality protective clothing, safety jackets, Safety Shoes, Safety Coveralls, Safety Helmets, Safety Spectacles, Safety Vests, Safety Belts & Harness, Warning Signs, Safety Road-Signs, Safety Gloves, and Safety Masks, etc.



Workplace safety plays a vital role in making and enjoying the work you do perfectly, accordingly

Benzor launched in 2014 to supply all types of safety products economically without compromising the quality. When safety equipment helps to complete the work safely, their quality should be uppermost. We attempt to attain this vision by filling customer’s needs through the efforts of inspired, involved, highly skilled employees dedicated safety products and to nonstop improvement in quality, service, cost, value for money, technology, and delivery.

Our range of products comprises professional-quality Safety Shoes in different models and gloves, etc.



Anibal is a sub-brand of well-known safety equipment manufacture Marca. Anibal has a complete array of safety shoes. This superior quality safety shoes helpful for multiple sectors and applications where safety footwear (safety cap and anti-drilling template) is needed in hot environments, such as construction, workshops, agriculture, logistics, automotive and manufacturing, and industry in general, with a high exceptional anti-slip coefficient

During the work, it reduces the risk of molten metal splashes, sparks, and incandescent projections that require rapid removal of footwear.

Steelpro Safety


Steel pro is the leading brand in the Industrial safety market with the responsibility of delivering qualified products that reduce or avoid risks in the workplace.

Workplace safety is a must for everyone thus, Steelpro’s product list includes Safety Glasses, Helmets, Gloves, Respiratory protection, Self-rescuer, Hearing protection, Technical Clothing, Health care equipment, and Facial protection according to the aspect of work.

The most important thing is that all Steelpro products, product families, characteristics, uses, guarantees, regulations, and certifications.



Marca, the safety company specializes in the production of safety equipment based in Spain.

The company is one of the leading firms in the sector especially in the production of work gloves and work clothing. Each Marca product is manufactured to the highest standards for safety

KOMY is the exclusive distributor of Marca safety products in Saudi Arabia & Bahrain. Their array of products includes all varieties of safety products gloves, working wears, uniforms, winter jackets and suits, etc.

The product range covers specialized tools for each different type of purpose, such as normal working gloves, chemical gloves, electrical gloves, different types of working wear, chemical suit, etc. 



Proban, the popular British brand plays a pivotal role in protecting millions of lives worldwide with solutions engineered for flame-resistant clothing. For workers in high-risk environments including oil and gas, electrical utilities, metalworking, steel, chemicals, and industrial applications can feel confident about staying safe and comfortable by wearing Proban work wears.

Proban’s high standard provides unparalleled protection to workforces because it’s flame-resistant fabrics are durable, comfortable, and proffers unquestionable protection.



Honey well have been contributing the safety industry for more than 100 years by manufacturing the finest safety equipment. They make safety equipment for industries & manufacturing companies, chemicals and materials industries, health care and pharmacy industry, etc.   

KOMY is their authorized dealer who supplies Personal Protective Equipment [PPE], masks, chemical gloves, electrical shoes, rubber boots, etc.

Honey well discover safety solutions for every industry need and building your culture of safety.